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Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to announce the release of 1.0 Preview. This is the final version before 1.0 is considered to be stable. This should be perfectly fine to run on a live board now, but please be forewarned.

1.0 Preview is a huge change, thanks to everyone who has let me know of bug(s).

-Table prefixes Thanks Cole
-Fixed forumdisplay member info Thanks Derek
-Fixed table prefixes [#2] Thanks eXaulz
-Additional rewrite rules Thanks Aftermath
-Merging threads Thanks croportal
-Less queries and use of THIS_SCRIPT Thanks Dean
-Additonal Rewrite rules Thanks SCI
-Previous/Next Threads Rewrite Thanks StarBuG
-Many many additional rewrites.

It is encouraged everyone who is running .90 to upgrade ASAP.


Upgrading is rather easy this time. Upload your .htaccess overwrite it, change RewriteBase if needed (see install.html if you are unsure).

In the template: memberinfo find $headinclude and add above that:
<base href="$vboptions[bburl]/" />

Import the product and choose "Allow Overwrite". I am not planning on finding many more bugs for the release of 1.0. If you wish to have additional rewrites, I will begin development on 1.5. 1.0 stable will be released when the new post has been fixed.

Thank you everyone for your support
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