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Introduction to options:
example: [table="option1;option2=value;option3='this is a long value with space';option4=value1,value2,value3"]
The whole option list should be wrapped with quotes.
Options are seperated by a semicolon
If an option has a value it is assigned with "equal to" mark. (option2)
If the value contains blanks or special characters it has to be wrapped with apostrophes. (option3)
If an option has more than one value they are seperated by a comma. (option4)

Description of options:
This option defines the first line as head, so the first row is shown as head of the table. If the table sould be sorted, the head is not sorted.

This defines the table to be sorted by column 1, then column 2, then column 3. The "d" after the first colum specifies the order: descending (default: ascending)

autonum=1 (equal to autonum) autonum=a autonum=A
Defines that a new first column containing a numbering should be inserted.
1 -> 1, 2, 3, 4, ... , 999, 1000, ....
a -> a, b, c, ... , aa, ab, ... , zz
A -> A, B, C, ... , AA, BB, ... , ZZ

autonumtitle=oneword autonumtitle='long value with spaces'
Defines the title of the autonum-column. Can be left empty.

width=123px width=45em width=67%
Defines the width of the table.

My plugin outputs a simple comment line after the table.
"<!-- table generated by StG's vB Code [table] v.0.1.4 o.31 -->"
With this option the output gets more verbose:
"<!-- table has 3 rows, 2 cols with 36 chars. Parsetime: 0.47 ms at Wed 17th 2006, 12:24:42 pm by StG's vB Code [table] v.0.1.4 o.31 -->"
This is helpful for debugging especially if you want to know if this table comes from the cache or was generated.

Defines the aditional css class of the whole table. Possible values have to be defined in admincp.
The value is prepended by stg_table_ so the resulting css class with above example would be stg_table_myclass
The css code has to be added to "Additional CSS Definitions" of your style (AdminCP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> (Dropdown) Main CSS -> Additional CSS Definitions)

Introduction to special options (formating cells and rows):
example: {option1=value1}{option2=value2}
These "special" options can be written as the very first content of a cell to format it.

Description of special options:
Defines a colspan from current cell with the length of 5 cells

Defines the css class of the current row. This value is only valid in the first cell of a row and should be the first option (colspan defined after it - currently reversing the order works, too).

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