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Originally Posted by bchawla
A moderator brought to my attention that there is sitill a merge bug.
If you use inline merging it works great, however, if you try and merge to a thread (by entering the URL) it gives an error.
I've been trying to find a hook to take care of the 'conversion' but have been unlucky.

Outstanding bugs I can think of:
1) Merge issue (inline works okay)
2) FIXED - Incorrect member.php linking
3) Markforums - still produces an error (I think I know of a fix)
4) FIXED - Directly clicking on a THREAD from index.php produces incorrect thread linking (traced to URL rewriting).
5) TEMP FIXED those running vbGallery (and possibily other scripts which use /dir within forums dir) will have problems - cause of this is headinclude's baseurl
I'll try and see what I can do (though I doubt it will be much!)

EDIT: #5 added, fixed #2
just an update to make sure everything is covered

6) BEING FIXED - showthread.php <-- error page
7)BEING FIXED - showthread.php?t=<--needs to fixed
8)BEING FIXED - showthread.php?p= <--needs to fixed
9) if youedit or delete a post, your taken to the top post (needs to be fixed to be same as stock vBulletin

Is there anything elsE?
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