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Hmm...I reproduced the all the errors but the post date/time bug, and fixed them. As for that, it worked completely fine for me. Since it is not broken for me, I won't try to fix it. Try converting again, and make sure that you are using phpBB version 1.4.0 or higher. If you still get something messed up with the post date/times...please send me a link where I can download a copy of your phpBB database (or a direct link to phpMyAdmin).

Here's the new release. I fixed some BBCode issues...what happened was, I removed the insensitivity flag in the preg_replaces in the HTML2vBCode function. So, only HTML tags that were uppercase were changed. That's now fixed. This version, you really only need to use it if you want to try to import a database, I did not add any new features.
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