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Originally Posted by emptyconnection View Post
No matter what you decide, the following statement (minimum) is going to eventually bring trouble.

1. If the internet wants to cheat the system with AdBlockers. We will cheat them right back.

You are creating a negative perspective immediately with that statement. Most of the service providers are not interested in cheating their own communities in any way and I am not saying that is what your intention is. But it does create the sense of "us vs them" when a community is all "Us".

It would go better to change that statement and consider what final_kaoss last suggested:

Just my 2c.
When it comes to turning a profit, it is an us vs them situation. I have to fight to keep my site alive to pay the server bills and for my users to continue to enjoy. I don't have a community myself, I just enjoy bringing modifications to vB. I use this on my toplist site, they choose to block adblockers, so I came up with a solution to something to which the adblockers do not block. If they do not like it then they don't have to use my site. This is how I choose to use it, however anyone can choose to use it how they want. As I stated in a previous statement, let your community know what you are doing and take a vote, I don't have a community, so I can not do this. I've modified the way it works on my site now so that if they use an adblocker, I inform them that we rely on it to keep the website running. If they continue to use the adblocker, then I alert them to mining, and if they disable their adblocking software then they will revert back to ads with no miner. So they have to choose the lesser of the two evils. I hate advertising as much as the next guy, but it's what keeps websites running. If I'm not turning a profit, I'm not going to pay the server bill, and won't keep the website running. My tactics seem to work just fine, as my analytics reflect a 5% increase over the last couple weeks. I just now integrated the adblock detection, so we will see in a week if the miner detours my users back to Adsense.

As I said previously, it would be possible to give an option for a leaderboard, but because CoinImp uses JavaScript, the user could easily manipulate the data to be on top without ever even contributing.

Anyway, this is how I use the modification, there are other users of the modification who have messaged me that don't even notify their users. This modification was made for everyone in mind on how they want to use it. I will no longer be discussing the way I use the modification, as the amount of prejudiced towards my usage is deterring me from wanting to share or support this modification any longer. I don't build modifications because I have a forum (because I haven't had a vB forum in years), I build them because I like to help those that don't have the time or patience to do it themselves.

My responses will be limited to support, suggestions, or problems from now on. Thank you.

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