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Fetching/Importing Dynamic Data from vBulletin Forum on WordPress Site

I am currently designing a website and a Blog in WordPress.
On my Home Page, I am designing a section where I want to list a few of the hottest topics from my forum here:

The section is labelled as "Hottest Topic In Our Opinion".
Similarly, on another section, I want to show the latest conversation from the forum. The section will be labelled as "Join The Conversation".

For a better understanding of requirement and design, I would you like to open the following link:

In view of the above, I would to know the following:

1) Can we import from VBulletin text snippets in real time as I am proposing here in these designs for both the topics themselves, and/or the actual conversations?

2) Are there any functions, short code to call/fetch/import the data from vBulletin Database to WordPress?

3) Are there any help available on vBulletin Knowledge Base or Forum that I can go through to achieve the goal described above.

Any assistance/guidance on the above will be highly appreciated.


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