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Originally Posted by Taurus1 View Post
Can someone please help me on how to add the use of the additional.css to a mod. I am using a vb3 mod that was converted to work in vb4. It works in most cases, but because it does not use the additional.css it breaks in some templates.

Would it be possible to add the use of the additional.css to a mod? And if possible, how would I do it?

Thank you so much!
CSS is used in the templates. And templates can be modified by mods.

When the mod was converted, it sounds like all of the modified templates that go with it weren't updated at the same time.

You'll need to go into each template that uses the mod and add

{vb:cssfile additional.css}

to the templates.

Be careful though, if I'm not mistaken the name additional.css is a standard vBulletin css file.
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