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Originally Posted by firstimecaller View Post
will try this out.

anybody else find the avatars in the first two posts kinda hilarious / ironic?

Jesus... looking right, green death looking left... lulz

Just a tip: If generating a .htaccess deny block is the goal, perhaps it might be easier to use this tool:

If, like me, you need to block just about everybody BUT Europe and the Americas, it's easier than editing and removing a bunch of ampersands, even if you use find/replace in selections in your favorite text editor, since you'll be doing quite a bit of selecting, paging down, etc.

Plus you'll end up with a much smaller file to parse. I don't know what the overhead is for a bunch of comments in a .htaccess file. Another tip would be to put this into your Apache config file if possible to avoid it being loaded/parsed with each and every server request. I know not everyone has access to this on shared server accounts.
That is funny...
Again this is a stand alone .htaccess file. The site you point to utilizes access to their server(s)
  • If his servers go down, this part of the modification will not work.
  • If he decides to close shop this part of the modification will not work.
  • If he decides not to offer the service, this part of the modification will not work.
  • For those on limited bandwidth, it is using their quota up (even minimally)
  • Potential slowdowns with retrieving the information, whether it be many connections to his server or a few too many hops between you and them, or even 1 hop experiencing high latency.
Yes you could put this into your Apache config file and it is wiser to do such but like you said no everyone has that level of access.

I use EditPad Pro as it easily adds or removes prefixes to lines.
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