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Actually, if you want know the truth, I didn't even realize vB4 had any sort of Anti-Spam settings. Those controls are nice, but they lack a lot of important things...

I will investigate and see if they conflict or cause problems however.

In the meantime, if you would like to have the features of this mod, you should pretend the built-in vB spam options never existed, and just disable it....or, use the following defaults:

If you forgot what those were:
Anti-Spam Service: Disabled
vBulletin Anti-Spam Key: Blank
Spam Scanning Post Threshold: 0
Anti-Spam Data Storage Length (Days): 7

Whatever settings you have there are probably fine, even if enabled, but they are not tested with this mod so the straight answer is to keep the defaults or disable that section, and configure this mod as you see fit for your forums.
When you have more details that explain how to use it easily for everyone including what to disable and leave enabled that is vB default I might be back , I can understand how to make it work and know how to install but look at your three pages, perhaps clean up the first mod post and include known or common bugs and or what to disable etc so people will not need to scroll thorugh several pages to find or you say "That is covered in post #5" etc etc.

Long story short I cannot believe that you developed this mod without even looking into the pre-built functions... Now I've made an honest mistake before but imo you should have shown a way to increase the capabilities of the default functionality in vBulletin 4 or simply made an add-on that enhanced it all, not to be rude but that is IF you actually did your homework.

Just my 2 cents you can give me a refund later but for now keep it in case the next person needs a penny.
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