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To turn off auto-moderation, set Auto-Moderation: Minimum Post Count to 0. Nothing should be auto-moderated in this case.

I also want it to check Akismet for spammer's posts for the very first post only (any user group), just as it does now with the standard default vBulletin Akismet function. I assume this mod still does that, even with auto-moderation turned OFF?
Spam-O-Matic runs every post from every user through Akismet for every post always every time.

A future version may have an option to only check the first "x" posts that a user makes using the Akismet service.

You might be able to do what you want to do by disabling Akismet (remove your API key and/or set Akismet: Auto-submit from Moderation Tools to "No" in Spam-O-Matic and then using the vB Akismet services which better do what you are trying to accomplish.
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