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Please obfusgate my account and delete my email address from this account


Ideally I would like my account on this forum deleted, however, given the recent thread it appears that you don't do this.

As such I would like my account on this forum obfusgated and the email address on it removed afterwards.

The background to this request is that one of my email accounts was recently breached as I (stupidly) used the same password on this site as the one I used to use on my email (the email is linked to my phone and I quickly regained control of the email account when I noticed spam being sent from it...I was lucky). When I checked for breaches that my account was exposed in the only one recorded for my email address is the one detailed in this post:

I crossreferenced all of the sites in the list of sites (near the end of the post) with sites that the email in question was used on. This site was the only one in that list which matched (ie none of the other sites I use with this account appeared on that list).

While I appreciate that the actual exposure of my account may have happened some time before the date in the post, importantly it did not appear in the 2015 breach listing for vbulletin (which is also listed on HIBP:

Having checked the email address I used on (which is different to the one on this account), that one does appear in the 2015 vbulletin breach. This would suggest that either
  • some time after the 2015 breach, which affected, was breached
  • both sites were breached at or around the same time, but my account here was not among those exposed to the world in the initial batch

If you want more information (like what the email address is on my account to help you narrow down when I changed it to the current one), I'm happy for you to email me using my current email address (or the email address currently associated with the forum account of the same name on

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Just as a note, as an EU citizen, I am entitled to have my personal data erased from the site under GDPR, as GDPR is globally applicable. It is also applicable to vbulletin as a company since they are registered in the UK for VAT purposes (reference:, however having reviewed what information is on here, I'd be happy for my email address to be removed, my username obfuscated and the account deactivated.

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