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Originally Posted by Merriweather View Post
If I set up a tab to show some custom profile fields, is there a way to let each user define who can see the information on that tab (i.e. Everyone, Registered Users, Contacts, Friends)?
The "profile.php?do=privacy" page uses the modifyprofileprivacy template. Within it the actual list of items is contained within the $profileprivacybits variable.

A hook needs to be within a particular function to enable privacy settings for custom tabs. Looks like it was already requested in January:

Originally Posted by Andreas View Post
A Hook in profile.php at the end of combined action privacy/doprivacy is needed to handle privacy for custom blocks.

Looks like privacy settings for categories worked in 3.8.0, but was broken in 3.8.1, and fixed in 3.8.2. Here's hoping they did a similar fix for custom blocks in total in 3.8.2 (gotta remember to download it lol).
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