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Originally Posted by reflekt View Post
Has appeared to install successfully on 3.8.6 pl1.

Does this check PMs and blog entries as well as forum posts?
Well, you are in the wrong thread if you are asking about blog posts. This version of the mod is older and for vBulletin 3.x

Blogs are part of 4.x AFAIR

The supported version of Spam-O-Matic for vB4 deletes threads, posts, PM, and Calendar Events.

Blogs are in the works for a later 2.x release. But we need support to develop further...

Originally Posted by tobaro View Post
using it now on 3.8.6 Patch Level 1. Works fine, BUT: if a user tries to register again at the same window, just changing password, the registration works.
What I did:
registered using a spam mail from "Stop Forum Spam".
Got denie message. works.
refreshed the window and used new password with same email address.
Registration works.

a bug?
Could be, thanks for the report. I can't really test on 3.8 though as I have finally updated all of our boards to 4 series. I will see if I can dupe what you talk about on vB4 and if the same thing happens then we can backport a patch for the 3.x series in this thread.
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