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Originally Posted by Manoel Júnior View Post

After I installed this mod, 40% fell into my SEO.
Can you please be more specif? I really do not understand what you exactly you are saying. What exactly fell by 40%?

Also, how can you be sure it was this mod that did it? Can you post a screenshot of your Google analytics graphs showing when you installed?

How long after you installed did you see this change?

Not trying to give you the third degree. I am just trying to learn about this. This seems like it would be great for one of my forums where there is often tons of small talk which is worthless. I think weeding this stuff out would be a good thing.

I would also love to hear from someone that has had a positive and showable improvement from this.. What about it op.. Do you have any stats or data to show?

Thanks much,

Let us take care of your forum, seo, seo reports, maintenance, what ever you need.

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