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I am really looking forward to getting this mod working on my forum!!

Here is the short version of my problem:
1. Installed the Beta
2. Upgraded vorum to 3.8.1 without testing Beta
3. Tried the Beta yesterday for the first time. It didn't seem to work, and template code didn't match the directions.
4. Downloaded the 502
5. Followed installation instructions, but only have one VBAM menu in my ACP, not two.
6. VBAM still not working

If you want more detail on what I did, read on:

Before I tried used BETA, one of my admins updated the forum from 3.8 to 3.8.1. Unfortunately, I had only installed vbam, but had not tried configuring it. So, I tried configuring it yesterday (3/9/09). First I tried the affiliate link feature. I found a spam affiliate link in my forum, added a rule to replace the aff-id with nothing, turned on the affiliate feature, previewed, and the preview looked correct. However, the post remained unchanged. Next, I turned on the signature affiliate checker, added a dummy affiliate link to my signature, created a rule to modify it, previewed it, saved it (not necessarily in that order) and my signature was unchanged. I then created a brand new post with the same dummy aff link, and it was unchanged.

The next thing I tried was posting some adsense code in the right column. It seemed to preview alright, but no right column showed up. I found the help text on getting the right column to show up, but there was no div tag in the template for the ad's right column.

Today, I got the email on 502, so set out to upgrade. After installing 502 (the XML file via product manager, which overwrote the beta one) and uploading the upload folder (which also overwrote the beta files), I saw no change. I did not see two VBAM menus in the ACP. My settings appeared preserved, and the functions I that didn't work yesterday still do not work. I have refreshed, and even logged out and back in, and that has done the trick in the past, so I'm pretty sure I'm seeing what I would see.

Any help is appreciated!
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