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By clicking on the logo the basic navbar takes one to the forums page and highlights the forum tab. That's what I want, obviously. I don't want that to change. I don't want the Nav Link to be highlighted when I click on the logo which was happening with 'yourpage' as 'index' and 'link.php' as 'index.php'. I want to be able to add some external links and some internal links to the menu of Nav Link. I have no idea what to name 'yourpage' and 'link.php' for the Nav Link to work like any normal functioning tab with a drop down menu. When I click on the other existing tabs I don't want the Nav Link tab to be highlighted as the case is now. I don't want to get jumped to the Home tab by clicking on the Nav Link. By clicking on the Nav Link I want the menu to show up for the Nav Link. I want all existing tabs to work as they normally do and not be interferred with by the Nav Link, e.g. by clicking on the Forum tab, the Nav Link tab is highlighted with its menu.

Basically I want it to work like any link would work with its menu. Pretty simple. I just don't know what to put in for values for 'yourpage' and 'link.php' to make this happen or if it is even possible. For example, on your own site what would you put in for these values to make it work which I could try out also to see if it works for me too?

If it doesn't work then it doesn't work. Need to try something else: rewrite the code.

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