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Originally Posted by chriske View Post
Could not get the score system working. Had a working version on vb4. Imported the games to vb5 forum.

Error Message same as this post:

Anyone have a clue?
Same issue, I got some other problems I was having worked out, but this one eludes me. It almost ruins the point of the mod, since members often like to compare their scores. I asked about the status of the mod on DBTech's website and the owner replied with this;

As far as I'm aware, 99% of Arcade game providers have shut down as a result of Flash being blocked by default in a lot of web browsers.

Furthermore, our vB5 mods have not been tested on the latest version of vB5 yet. If you are interested in running custom modifications on your site, I would strongly recommend avoiding vB5 at all costs, as you will not find many working modifications for that platform.

I'll re-test our mods with the latest version of vB5 as soon as I have time
Hopefully he finds some time soon to get some of the kinks worked out for us poor suckers who thought using VB5 was a good idea.
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