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Originally Posted by MarkFL View Post
Okay, then the code used for the game login would have to be edited to trim the usernames entered.
This is what I sent to Support:

Originally Posted by Seraphyn
I am needing some help dealing with an issue with the login protocols. For example say my account name is "johnsmith12" and I can login with that name. However, I can also put in johnsmith with 5 spaces after the name and then click login and that will also log my in. For example [johnsmith12 ]... Is there a way to prevent this?
And this is the response I got:

Originally Posted by vBulletin Support
The system ignores the spaces after the username. You would need to modify the code to not allow that.
When I asked which file I needed to modify, they basically stated that I needed to ask over here because it dealt with modifying the original code.

Anyhow, any insight?
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