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This is the "free" version we're seeing here on the org, for that it must be "free" so my primary question is, upon signing up for the service on your site does the free version grant the ability to send a certain number of mails for free? 100% Free?

Or is it still a required payment of $10 per month for upwards of 10k emails to be processed?

I need to know the answer to this in order to ensure the rules are being followed more so #16(c) on said page for this modification release. If there is no option to send certain set # for free we'll need to remove the modification OR you can append its settings and/or the type of account created to allow a low # of free mails to be sent and then this would be allowed.

Simply post back here or pm me for clarification on this, I'll edit this post and any others accordingly once I have a reply .

Edit: I've unapproved this post to hide it, the answer I sought was in the description, oversight on my part:
Weekly newsletters are free up to 500 contacts
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