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Originally Posted by snakes1100 View Post
Sh*t in one hand & download in the other & see which ones fills up first...
could have had pretty much everything by now if he'd been working on it rather than messaging everyone to provide it for him, you want it so bad be like the others who wanted it, and create a localhost backup of the org.

I learned my lesson when 3.5 got archived, since I have made sure to keep a vb3 section backed up.

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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
It's possible, but I doubt vBulletin would appreciate it if you send thousands of requests to the server in order to scrape the content and attachments.
I have my backup, although I'd be curious to know your methods. When I did mine I did it manually, created a stock vb, with all essential addons and posts I wanted to have from here.

I looked into an archiver but I couldn't log on through it, nor would it grab attachments, just the page. (as a non logged in user) so I scrapped that idea.
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