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You have been a member here for over 10 years, in that time you have not made a single contribution to this community, I feel no desire to help those who serve their own greedy need. messaging me...
Did you got my message?

If you dont want to share your vbulletin 3.x stuff for free maybe you would do for it money?

If so for how much would you share your vbulletin 3.x collection with me?
Will not alter my decision. What I and many other members have done via their own methods have made local backups of things we deem a must save.

I will give you some tips for your journey, and then I'm done discussing this any further.

1. DONT BEG DEV'S AND LEGACY MEMBERS TO HAND YOU THINGS (you may just end yourself with a virus )
2. Create a local server with a fresh install and start creating new threads.
3. Google chrome has a handy (yet far from perfect) addon called copycat that will copy text from posts in bbcode format.
4. Theres no need to backup things that do the same thing (find the one YOU like best along with replies that are actually useful)
5. Have fun creating a local hosted board with THOUSANDS of posts / threads

@Dave can we close this shit? lol
If you need custom work done please use Dirt RIF CustUmz
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