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Invalid Email Mod Wanted

I could desperately use a mod that automatically transfers a member to a specific group or bans them automatically if bounced email is received from their provided email. This will help to reduce spammers a long ways.

I get a lot of bounced email from spammers trying to enter and blocking disposable email sites is not really the answer because some like and are used by good customers of mine. A better way is to access the bounced email account and track the count by email address, then perform actions based on desired options below.

Desired Options:
We should be able to specify the group to transfer them to

If ban, we should be able to specify the banned group, period and if it is a permanent ban.

We should also specify the ban reason (displayed to the user on any login attempt).

We should also be able to PM the person automatically from a specified user id.

I don't have the expertise to program vb mods yet or I would try this one.

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This one would go so far at cutting spammers, I would really like to see it a standard feature in vBulletin. vBulletin and phpBB are the two most spammed software I know and spammers seek out those sites using the software. Something like this would change that. One thing that is common on nearly all spammers is they use invalid emails.
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