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Cool Update News : Version 1.0.7 instead of version 1.0.6 or any beta stages.

Originally Posted by DarkStaRX View Post
Do you will fix the "No Avatar" Bug @Forumhome?
On all other sites the avatar picture works but if i go on forumhome there is only the No-Avatar-Picture.

Can you add to the notification popup a minimize function with a little button like this?:

BTW: Nice mod, very very nice...!
Thank you for your comment and suggestion. Too more work to do now.
But, at least, I will upgrade into version 1.0.7 instead of version 1.0.6 or 1.0.7 beta. Yeah, and, of course, new feature will be added beside common fixed bugs.
I will give you new feature info as soon as it in close beta stage.

Getamped 1404.
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