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Originally Posted by louva-a-Deus View Post
Oops! Now that I realized it's the Pro version. I bought it.
I appreciate the support. I do want to make note to everyone that CoinImp keeps changing their init scripting. I'll keep everything up to date as long as I can, but I'm in a battle with CoinImp support right now. They keep changing the init script to be from a different location which breaks the scripting, unless I submit updates every time they change it (I don't want to annoy everyone). I plan on adding a field to which you can enter the url, but then you have to keep up with CoinImp to see if your hash count stops. CoinImp insists it should remain working, but every time they update it, my hash count stops, so I know this is not the case. I'm trying to get them to realize this so they can come up with a solution, I understand they need to do it to stay on top of AV and AdBlocker detection methods, but they need to email their users when they update.
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