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Originally Posted by PoetJA-1975 View Post
In vB 3.6.8 when bumping or debumping threads I get
Can you check in your Plugin Manager that the one under Product : Bump or de-bump Threads called "Action Switch" is enabled. Go to edit it, and make sure it is active.

Originally Posted by PoetJA-1975 View Post
Any help will be appreciated - Also where's the download that includes the bump/debump function inline?
I have no plans to put the two mods together at the moment, but if anyone else would like to take this code and extend it, feel free to do so.

Originally Posted by lasto View Post
The bump/de-bump limit for this thread has already been reached. No more are allowed

on my very 1st bump as well
Depends on how many bumps you set to be allowed in the particular usergroup you are in.
To change the number of bumps OR debumps allowed for a thread, scroll down in the usergroup settings and change it there.
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