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Originally Posted by comicus View Post
I totally agree here. It's a great mod....and people obviously love it, but I think it would be a lot better if the person cashes in their points for items but retains their level (that they are pretty proud of). Can you please consider making this change? Thanks.
I will do this as an option.

Originally Posted by bc641990 View Post
for some reason users are not getting points for posting, but the setting is set to 2 points for post
To get support, you will need to click "Mark as Installed".

Originally Posted by Skuxta View Post
I have a problem. I have installed the hack successfully and everything is showing up and such. But no members are leveling up. They are just stuck at 99% and it says 0 exp needed to lvl up. Any ideas why this is happening/What to do to fix it?
For sure you have either a wrong level XML or no level XML installed.
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