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Members of VBULLETIN.ORG are responsible for reviewing VBULLETIN.ORG General Site Rules. VBULLETIN.ORG reserves the right to modify General Site Rules at any time. Your continued use of the VBULLETIN.ORG constitutes your consent to such changes.

With the increase in promotional language (advertising) and link spamming in signature we decided to update our Site Rules to include Signature Rules.

Although our General Rules would have covered these issues, we decided it was best to make them available for everyone to see.

Please be aware, Rule #6 is a new rule and will be enforced after a warning has been given.

These rules are retroactive meaning that all signatures must confirm to the new rules.

With this change, we also implemented a "Signature Rules" infraction to enforce these rules.

Signature Rules

thank you for understanding
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