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Originally Posted by MAD--DOG View Post
well 3.8.2 i well try it even i dont know what is is about

Updated w/ Screenshot

From the 3.7 thread....

Originally Posted by soundbarrierpro View Post
So, if i understand this correctly......

The box with the information will appear whenever anybody hits the index? It's able to be configured to dissolve after xxx seconds?

Is it only the index or every single page?

Thank you. This looks neat.

It depends on what template you paste the code... (And yes, configurable via time limit/colors/images/all content)

  • Header - Always appears even when refreshed (some might find this irritating).
  • Forum Display - Only when they click on a Category that displays the forums within .
  • Forum Home - Will only appear on forum home but each time it is refreshed.

Future Update to possibly include:
  • Displays only once per browser session.
  • Details for various content which can be used within.
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