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Originally Posted by tme_power View Post
Hey, I changed my bbcode, which tag has {param} will have rel="thickbox" but it skill linked.
This is my bbcode:

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Here is an example url:
What word is linking?

Originally Posted by harm63 View Post
is it also posible to set how link wil be opent?
_blank _same etc
wil be handy if you can link to intern page and then open in same window

As explained this is something that can be set in the options. Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Word Links by BOP5 (near the bottom but not always at the bottom.)

In the options you can set new window or same window for all links. If you setup a csv file you can specify for individual links.

Originally Posted by SilverBoy View Post
is there any possibility to include blog and vbcms in new versions?
It is possible. No promises. Will be sure to post here if any update.
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