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Originally Posted by stardotstar View Post
I see that this has no CMS product import.

I am very new to vB4 - just upgraded from 3.8.x and want to provide a minimal culture shock theme for my users who will be confronted by the new look of vB4 and the BlackStealth style will not appeal to everyone.

With vB4 CMS what sort of issues will arise for people using this style for Forum and Blog when they engage the CMS?

Sorry this is all new and a lot to learn whilst doing a live upgrade so apologies if this is a stupid question...

I noticed that the BlackStealth has a CMS prioduct to merge into the parent style which I did but becuase I hve not done any cms config I am not across the actual impact of this ...
CMS/Blog user wont encounter any major problems . the CMS and blog XML will only change a few link colors the most. Nothing major ,will add a CMS and blog XML when i get free time
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