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Originally Posted by ShawneyJ View Post
no worries.

your style is not meant to look like that, it has missing images. which is not your fault, the guy that made the style was lazy.

go to all style options, scroll down and change the following:
4 changes.
find: Category Strips, Table Header, and Popup Menu Controls.
The background is set at: sleekblack for all 3.
change sleekblack to blackred.
maybe Ctrl-f to find all the sleekblack.
lastly find Image Paths>>Title Image and change to: blackred/logo.png

now you'll be more happy im sure
Wow that is a good looking but very sloppy style!

can you check now? I did what you suggested to the dot

I can't find any decent logo.

I searched for a red vbulletin logo but couldn't find one

can someone please suggest a logo? I don't want to just randomly steal some site's logo for copyright issues I just want a decent vBulletin logo
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