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Originally Posted by Paul M View Post
Which reminds me, I should give them Beta 3, which came out this week.
It is a good news Paul!

you are making vB a new level by supporting PHP7 and mariadb for vB4.

Just a small issue for me is I could not use it now because there are 2 addons on my forum could not run after moved to vB7 thus I have to use php 5.6 now.

I wanted to move my forum to a dedicated server to run with php7 and mariadb.

I PMed/reply to the authors of 2 those addons on vB to fix their codes to run with php7 but seem they left the forum and no responses.

is there a way to fix the mods I am using (it is just a small plugin), vB team can support fix some addons (available for downloading on this forum) to run with php7?
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