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Hi, I've had all kinds of issues with a site I'm hosting for someone. Here is a link to the server optimization George, over at the forum suggested.

I was told it could handle my 150-200 users at peak times, but it just isn't. People are getting Server Too Busy errors. My server loads usually average around 5 when it is active. 1 when there aren't many. Today it went into the 30s and crashed the php.

I have xcache enabled, and all the optimized recommendations done, I think, but still having no luck. I PM'd on here as well. I know some of you probably run bigger boards than this, on here, with hostgator and wondered what you were doing. They suggested tonight getting two dedicated servers. One for caching queries and another to run the forum?

Open to any help/suggestions. Thanks! The site is for a celebrity that a lot of teenage girls are flocking too, so it is busy. I've been at this for a couple months now trying to fix this for the person running the site .

Server has:
Dual Xexon 2.4
4096 RAM
2x80gb SATA
2,500gb Bandwidth

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