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Today, the person helping me at host said,
"Xcache is currently disabled and eAccelerator is being used as an alternative. Please let us know if you continue to see any issues."

They also took off mysql limits and changed the wait timeout to 3600 seconds. They also upgraded to 5.2.5 on the php and upgraded to apache 2. We'll see if we have any more issues.

Should I have them put xcache back on. Also, where do I post to hire someone to look into it?

Right this second I have 140 users. Server load is around 7. No more database errors with the timeouts, though, so we'll see. No complaints of server too busy yet, just want to get server load down, as well.

The only other thing running is php coppermine gallery. Seems like that will put some load on the server, but it spikes when forum is used, not the gallery.

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