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So I got vBouncer installed. It's connecting to my mailbox and when it finds emails in there it will delete them. I tried changing a test account on my boards to contain a bad email address. I triggered emails to that account using buddy adding, pm's, emailing, etc. Since the email did not exsist they ended up inside of the [email protected] address.

Without opening the email, I ran the vBouncer Collect cron, the email vanished and this appeared in my cron log:

vBouncer Collect 01:07, 20th Jul 2006 Status:
Processed 1 emails No bounced emails found.

But whenever I look at the vBouncer Stats section it always appears as:

Quick Stats
Total bounced emails currently logged
Top bouncer [] - -
Last run with results 18:00, 31st Dec 1969

All blank. Any ideas?
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