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I have a problem!

I installed it and I'm using POP3 but:

vBouncer sender email
Test Result
Valid vBouncer email account ([email protected]) Passed
vBouncer email account ([email protected]) differs from webmaster account Passed
vBouncer Spool File Diagnostics (ignore if using IMAP/POP)
Test Result
vBouncer email spool file () exists Failed
vBouncer email spool file () is writable Failed
vBouncer email spool file () is readable Failed
vBouncer pattern config file diagnostics
Test Result file exists Passed file is readable Passed
vBouncer IMAP/POP Diagnostics (ignore if not using IMAP/POP)
Test Result
Your PHP installation supports IMAP/POP Passed
Your IMAP/POP settings can connect Failed
What can I do to fix this?

@ POP connetion I use:
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