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It's Supported This Mod ? I have searched Some code of this System If any body find This Solutions

<div class="blockrow">
<label>Family Filter:</label>
<div class="rightcol">
<ul class="checkradio group">
<label for="rb_cpf_field5_1">
<input type="radio" name="userfield[field5]" value="1" id="rb_cpf_field5_1" tabindex="1" checked="checked" /> On
<label for="rb_cpf_field5_2">
<input type="radio" name="userfield[field5]" value="2" id="rb_cpf_field5_2" tabindex="1" /> Off
<input type="hidden" name="userfield[field5_set]" value="1" />

<p class="description">Enable this if you have problem with adult contents...</p>
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