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Originally Posted by Taurus1 View Post
That sounds great! Thank you. Just shoot me a PM when you are done, and we can chat about the funds.
I will definitely PM you when I am done. Expect in next 24-48 hours.

Originally Posted by nCODE View Post
It would be really helpful you know... and also, the product works perfectly with vB 4.1.5 so you should make changes to the description...
I have no option in interface to select anything more than 4.1.4 and I know it works with 4.1.5

Originally Posted by Schoelle View Post
That would be a nice feature! And if possible make it selectable if a click on the avatar would bring you to the user profile or to the first unread message or the last message
Will get that done as well in the next release.

Originally Posted by FReeSTER View Post
Wow, excellent mate.

I will like this on the ForumHome as well and on the NewPost feature.

That will be amazing if you do that on every template that shows threads. like forum display, Search New Posts, ForumHome ect...

voting for MOTM, Install and Rated 5
Coming soon in next 24-48 hours.
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