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Originally Posted by Jafo232 View Post
You can use the WP login already.

As for the rest, I will probably be doing that at some point soon, as I have a site that will need it.

As for getting VB into your WP theme, well, that is like asking where can I put nails in my house. Depends on where in your house and for what purpose. :P

Once the plugin is activated (auto-integrate), the $vbulletin object should be available to you just about everywhere. Just global $vbulletin; and you have it.
Ah, I'm pretty new to vb.

I've found the global.php file, do I just add "$vbulletin;" to it somewhere? If you could provide me with steps I'd really appreciate. (I've never been so lost) lol

Thanks for the response, I noticed but I think an additional plugin for logging in would suite those who don't plan on keeping the normal wp one.


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