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Originally Posted by skariko View Post
Sorry you are right

I mean when that when you login into Wordpress and press "ok" you are automatically redirect to domain/wp-admin and i don't like it so much
This is my problem as well. I want users to be able to log in, but after "OK" I want them to be redirected to Wordpress instead of the admin screen.

Same for logging out of wordpress. This redirects me to the Wordpress Login screen. Instead, after logging out, I want to redirect users to Wordpress instead of to the login screen.

I only want users to receive a logged-in status (both forum and wordpress) when logging into wordpress, and not have them redirect to admin screen. Exactly the same as logging into the forums. That too does *not* redirect a user to the adminscreen. I'd like to have Wordpress function in the same way. Log into wordpress: user is logged into vB and WP, and sees wordpress front-end. Log into vBulletin: user is logged into vB and WP and sees vBulletin front-end. Is this possible?

However, besides that it works great, and I would like to thank you very much for this bridge. Great work, thanks a lot!
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