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Ok, I just tested again. This is in a very slow time of the day with only 100 +/- connections to the site.

Prior to enabling mod:

0.47 0.43 0.38 | 112 Users Online (74 members and 38 guests)

Immediately after enabling mod:

1.18 0.63 0.45 | 118 Users Online (78 members and 40 guests)

a few minutes after enabling mod:

2.12 1.36 0.80 | 113 Users Online (72 members and 41 guests)

This trend will continue until server load goes out of control and connections start getting throttled.

After mod is disabled for a few minutes:

0.57 0.81 0.76 | 111 Users Online (70 members and 41 guests)

My slow query threshold is set to 10 seconds. The mod is pumping queries that take 10 seconds or more into the queue every 2 seconds, this causes MySQL to backlog severely until the entire site runs like molasses. Eventually the system starts rejecting connections due to high processor load because MySQL is running away with all 4 processors.

Attached find the slow query log after just a couple of minutes of running with the mod enabled.

It pumps an entry like the following into the log about every 2 seconds:

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