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Big update today... Two new features.

1) For those of you with a lot of keywords and links it's hard to keep track of which keyword goes to which link in the two separate boxes you can now put all your keywords and links together in one .csv (comma separate value) data file and upload it and the mod will pull its info from the data file instead of the two boxes.

In addition you can use advanced features if using the datafile such as setting the "target" and "rel" attributes for each link individually if you choose. If you don't specify a target or a rel value the mod will use whatever setting you have chosen in the mod settings.

A sample datafile is included and an example is here:

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You can make a csv file in a text editor or use a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel and "Save As" a common CSV file.

The second new feature is integration with an optional Custom User Profile Field. If you make a custom profile field to enable users to turn automatic word linking on or off you can tell this mod which field number you created and the mod will disable itself for anyone who turns it off. (By default it's on.) Full instructions on how to make a custom user profile field is included in the mod instructions.

A separate How-To make a compatible csv datafile is also included in the mod .zip fie.
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