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Originally Posted by Max Taxable View Post
I don't know for a fact this won't work in version 4. It might well, since there is no version of this FOR version 4.

The native vB 4 media embedding supports more than just YouTube videos. Which might also be why there is no version of this Mod, for vB4.

I like, don't think you need it and stuff.
The Geek did build one, but it's lesser known. He built AME 3 on vB4's native ability. The thing with vB4 is it embedded, but it didn't autoembed. And you couldn't create and share definitions with the community in the form of exportable XML files, so AME 3 brought that to vB4. Which is why the definitions aren't compatible, because the AME 3 used the existing infrastructure, whereas AME 1-2.5 were entirely The Geek's codebase.
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