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Originally Posted by iref2010 View Post
Hi Guys,

I am writing to create new topic and user from python script. I am able to get the user and topic info using API's but I am facing issue with POST API namely ""(INSERT or UPDATE
user). The error which I am getting is "[["fieldmissing_email"]]" and my
parameters looks like

{"userid": 0, "password": "test123","user[]":[{"username": "test", "email":""}], "options[]": [ {"showAvatar": 1}], "adminoptions[]": [{"canviewmembers":True}], "userfield[]":[{"showavatars": 1}], "notificationOptions[]": [], "hvinput[]": [], "extra[]": [] }

I am not familiar with php so can anyone help me how to pass parameters to API's to get this task done. One example will do.
This is odd. It's usually the hvinput that gives people problems. Try removing the period between test.test and see if that is causing an issue. It could be the email is failing the regex test as a valid email.
EDIT:I ran your JSON through a validator and it failed. "canviewmembers":True should probably be "canviewmembers": 1. I didn't test it but invalid JSON will cause errors.

Originally Posted by iref2010 View Post
Also, when I try to update title in node table from mysql, it is not reflected on forum. I have updated title,htmltitle, description in node table and also rawtext in text table but still no success.
Changing title and htmltitle should do the trick. Try clearing the system cache after you change the titles. Also, you need to empty your browser cache in some instances to see the changes.
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