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[v3.5x] ibproarcade and v3arcade together

Seeing as the bashing threads are closed

Ill post here how 2 for those that cant make their minds up which they want.

1. Install ibproarcade as per instructions.
2. Check ipbroarcade is all working ok

Onto the v3arcade stuff now
3. rename v3arcades arcade.php to what u want ie varcade.php
4. open v3arcades product xml replace all instances of arcade.php with your new filename
5. Same file go to line # 1857 and put the one bad replace instance back that changed functions_arcade.php to functions_varcade.php
6. Open v3's renamed arcade.php and do as step 4.
7. Do as step 5 but on line # 88 this time for the main renamed arcade.php file.
8. Upload and install v3arcade as directed

Please remember to chmod all nessecary folders to 777 for both arcades. You can mass install from ibpros tar directory with v3arcades mass installer just point it to arcade/tar instead of admincp/games

Enjoy both arcades at once.

PS if you disentegrate your forums without first testing it and/or backing up your db scream yes but not @ me.

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