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Product Configuration

It's quite straightforward, really. For most products you won't have to open the config files at all.
  • Additional to the global configuration settings in AdminCP->Options->vBulletin Options->Cel Photo Popup you can make settings in the config file fore every product seperately. The config file can be found at /includes/cel/cel_pp_config folder. All config files are named cel_pp_config_[name of product].
  • You can check this list if there is anything that you want or have to do in the config file. All settings are explained in the config files in detail, too.
    There are mandatory settings only for Photopost Pro. For all other products, you can skip the rest of this point, if you want to. There may be some explanations how configuration works for your product, however.
    • All products:
      • Override your AdminCP settings for every product in the config file.
      • Set a list of public categories/albums for all of your users to access
    • Photopost: For this product, there are several mandatory settings to be done:
      • $url_path: The URL to the directory where your gallery index page resides (starting with http://)
      • $data_dir: The URL to the directory where Photopost stores the uploaded images (default is subdirectory data in the gallery root
      • $db_prefix: The Prefix used in the Photopost database. Default is "pp_".
      • if you have a different database, you have to provide the settings for database name, host, user and password.
    • vBGallery:
      • Photo Popup determines whether your vBG is configured to run in safe mode environment. If this is the case, the folder structure in your data directory is different. The script will adapt accordingly.
        Example: data folder for user 1234. Safe mode on will result in a folder structure 1/2/3/4, while safe mode off will leave it at 1234.
      • VBGallery can be configured to save the original image files when uploading. If this is the case, Photo Popup will automatically link these original files to the insert options for "original" images. The image size used on vBG pages will be linked to "medium" options. If vBG does not safe original images, the size used on vBG pages will be linked to "original" and "medium" options will be deactivated.
Files, templates and phrases


vBulletin Options Group: Cel Photo Popup
Phrases: prefixed cel_pp
Template: cel_photo_popup
CSS-Template: cel_photo_popup.css

For translations vB3->vB4 see next post.
Please note that there will be no further updates to my addons, especially they will not be upgraded for vB5. I'm leaving vB, since IB choose to go the banana-way yet again.

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