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New Version: 4.1.004

New Version: 4.1.004

  • This version fixes several bugs, among them the greyed out button in code mode)
  • the much requested, better visible text-button is back. It can be turned on and off via a new AdminCP setting, same for the old toolbar icons. See:
  • if you are on vB 4.1.10, remove your setting for the seperator - this is obsolete. CKE no longer trims the whitespace Photo Popup inserts by default.
Full list of changes (the leading number refers to posts in this thread):
  • #225 [added] suggestion for button under the editor (tested with FF 10, IE 9, Chrome 17)
  • #--- [added] AdminCP settings for toolbar and new bottom-button
  • #--- [added] code of major plugins moved to file system for better overall performance
  • #211 [fixed] Added getBaseUrl() to in plugin.js in order to provide for multi-directory installations (provided in #214)
  • #215 [fixed] bug when using MySQLi in photo_popup.php, line 322 (fix provided by snoopytas in #215)
  • #224 [fixed] editor button no longer greyed out/inactive in code mode
  • #253 [fixed] code bugs
  • #229 [can't reproduce] dropdown to choose albums not working (tested in 4.1.10)
  • #205 [not a bug] inserting image leads to black font color go white, caused by the placeholder between images (see ##207, 208, 209, also functionality obsolete)
  • #246 [not a bug] dark text in dropdowns, bad for black bg (the background and text colors in the dropdowns do follow the "input_"-style variables correctly in 4.1.10)
  • #212 [ok] Check compatibility with PhotoPost 8 (tested with vB 4.1.10 and PP 8.0 Gold)
  • #--- [obsolete] Add seperator between images feature obsolete, may be removed in future versions
Please note that there will be no further updates to my addons, especially they will not be upgraded for vB5. I'm leaving vB, since IB choose to go the banana-way yet again.

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