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Yeah - That is the problem - It stopped working. What do you mean by "load" the new xml file? I uploaded it, and to the correct directory, checked file permissions and all that. Everything looks correct.

It's not critical - I can live with it this way, but I did use it frequently to easily gage visitors vs. spiders now and again. Just throwing this out there in case someone else has experienced the problem (I guess not - I've done a lot of searches and haven't found anything).

I'm made changes to the spiders_vbulletin.xml many, many times before without a problem. Changes always took effect immediately. Now - It's as if it's not there.

I checked mods. I do have Guest Tracking 3.8.003 ( ) installed. Uninstalled it but no joy.

Does anyone know where (which file, and code lines in the file if you know the line numbers) the spiders xml file is called to be parsed?

I can't find anything else that isn't working since the update which I did on 1 January. "Standard" upgrade process, no errors, no user "Problem Reports".

This just doesn't make sense.
Elsmar Marc

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