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Originally Posted by In Omnibus View Post
Mobile-friendly is meaningless with 4K resolution phones and 5G technology.
Can you please explain how having a 4K resolution phone and 5G technology eliminates any website mobile-friendliness issues (I would honestly really like to know)?

But tell this to Google when they send you warnings/errors for your site not being "mobile-friendly". When Google crawls your site...and the Googlebot says your site is not mobile-friendly...then your website drops in SEO & you lose traffic.

This may not be important to some website owners...but SEO is important to many website admins & owners...and mobile friendliness of a website should not be overlooked.

vB4 (out-of-the-box) is less mobile-friendly than vB5...and thus is a concern to those persons trying to optimize website SEO.
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