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Originally Posted by alfuzzy View Post
Thanks very much for explaining in detail...really appreciate it.

This doesn't resolve the issue of Google/Googlebot when it crawls websites...and if the website is considered not mobile-friendly (according to Google)...then these websites will get negative marks for not being mobile-friendly...thus lower SEO scores...thus lower traffic.

My website is on vB4...and I don't like getting "dinged" by Google for it being non-mobile-friendly. I want my websites SEO to be as good as it can be (at least as good as it can be without spending lots of $$$$$). Lol
What specifically is it "dinging" you for? DOM elements? Page load speed? JS elements? HTML issues? CSS? Media query issues?

Google must have a set of specific criteria they use to check URLs from mobile devices. I would suspect their own webmaster or analytics tools would detail those criteria and indicate which are specific issues. If you can determine the causes then we can discuss the solutions. The term "mobile-friendly" is a catch-all and encompasses far too much ground to know where to begin insofar as Google is concerned.
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